This page contains updated data regarding recent segmental duplications in Elephant genome assembly (download from   It focuses on genomic duplications >1000bp and >90% identity.

UCSC Genome Browser

This allows browsing of the genome.

Parasight view is not available, because all scaffolds are not assigned to chromosome.

Inter and Intra chromosome duplications from the perspective of individual scaffolds. The assembly duplications (red and blue for inter and intra chromosome respectively) are shown at various length thresholds.  


Analysis on various KB-Group Breakdowns 

WGAC Length Distribution

Analysis on distribution of number of pairs at different length categories. 

WGAC Similarity distributions

Analysis on distribution of number of pairs at different Percent Similarity. 


Because the elephant assembly is not mapped to chromosome yet. There is no histograph to show te NR space on chromosome. Here is a table for NR DUP space on each scaffolds and contigs.

Identity vs Length

Length vs Identity scatter plot. 

Kimura vs Length

Kimura vs Length scatter plot. 


contains WGAC data